Kewpiesta 2024, April 24-28, Branson, MO

Rose O’Neill, Mother of Kewpies Celebrated Along with Her Many Other Talents and Contributions

Welcome to the creative world of Rose O’Neill. Born June 25, 1874, O’Neill is known as one of the foremost artists and illustrators at the turn of the 20th century; a women’s rights leader working with Eleanor Roosevelt; being the first American woman cartoonist; an author and poet; and the mother of the Kewpie, Scootles and Ho-Ho. She is celebrated through the International Rose O’Neill Club Foundation founded in 1967 with the objectives of preserving and perpetuating the memory of Rose O’Neill and her works, promoting the cultural arts through annual scholarships, and holding an annual celebration in Branson, MO. We enjoy sharing her world and hope you will join us as a member of our organization.

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