Kewpiesta 2020 coming April 22-26 in Branson, MO – Registration materials are now available under the Kewpiesta Registration tab

The International Rose O’Neill Club Foundation was founded in 1967 as the International Rose O’Neill Club. It became the International Rose O’Neill Club Foundation in April 2003, when it became a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Its purpose is to preserve the memory of Rose O’Neill and inform the public about her works, and to promote the cultural arts.

Every April, Rose O’Neill fans and collectors gather in Branson, MO, to celebrate and study the life and works of ‘the One Rose.” Founded in 1967 by Pearl Hodges and other enthusiasts, the annual Kewpiesta combines great fun with seminars, workshops, and a trade corner. Please join us to find out how to attend. It is the perfect way to have a great time!

Many states have affiliate chapters that hold regular meetings. You must belong to the IROCF in order to join an affiliate. Please contact us to find out about the chapter nearest to you.

When you join the IROCF, you will receive quarterly issues of the official Kewpiesta Kourier newsletter, filled with informative and fun-filled articles. All members are encouraged to submit research, news, articles, and photos that are Kewpie or Rose O’Neill related.

Each year the IROCF awards fine art scholarships to senior high and college students planning a career in the fine arts. Applications are available on-line.