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Among some of the innovations Rose created was the first cartoon strip by a woman, “The Old Subscriber Calls” that appeared in Truth magazine on September 19, 1896. “The Kewpies and the Little Browns,” which appeared in Women’s Home Companion, was a significant contribution as it was the first cartoon to address racial issues. Rose also made racism a topic in Puck magazine where she worked from the late 1890 to 1907.

Rose created her first Kewpies as cartoons that appeared in the Ladies Home Journal in 1909. These humorous stories were meant for children, but followed by adults as well.  Ultimately, the cartoons helped children learn to read and memorize, which greatly delighted Rose.

The Kewpie cartoons appeared in Sunday newspaper comic sections as well as Kewpie Korners that randomly appeared. Both were carried by numerous newspapers throughout the United States.

Rose also used her Kewpie cartoons to promote the Women’s Rights campaign, which she went on to become a leader of the movement.

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